Downtown speed limits to change

Mayor Tom Dolezal announced the first step in discouraging semi trucks from going through the City of Tipton will be changing the downtown speed limit to 20 mph instead of 25 mph. The speed limit will also change at the curve near Leininger Acres from 30 mph to 40 mph. The signs and enforcement will take place on June 1. The stop lights will not be changed to red, yet.

Dolezal is hoping the speed limit changes will do the job. The Tipton Police Department will be sending out a press release to the media and will be adding the information to their social media sites to let the citizens know about the pending changes.

The BOW met at noon on Monday. Councilmember Nathan Kring noted that the fire department has made a conditional offer of employment to Jordan Davis. Davis must pass all needed employment tests before being accepted for the job position.

An unsafe building is being looked at by the Plan Department on Ash Street.

Street Department Head Mike Terry noted that the Sidewalk Program is full and some requests will have to be moved to next year. They will be starting work soon.

Dolezal noted that the Truck ordinance is being worked on and the changes will be presented at the next Common Council meeting in three weeks. The intersection near Tipton schools has been painted and the city is preparing for the longterm coming of a Rounda- bout at the intersection. They are looking at the possibility of acquiring land for this. Dolezal also noted that there is an in terested party for the City Redevelopment Commision- owned property at 208 Second St. The RDC will be receiving a house building plan soon and will consider the offer at their next meeting TBA.

Claims were processed in the amount of $618,886.

The next Tipton Common Council meeting will take place on June 12 in the City Hall meeting room.